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  • Custom Design Jewellery At Nicholsons Jewellers

    Custom Design

    Not everyone has the same taste, and most people seeking a customised design are looking for something individual which makes a statement about who they are. So we make custom designs to suit each customer’s individual vision and budget.

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  • Jewellery Repair And Services At Nicholsons jewellers

    Repair and Services

    Not using what is currently in your jewellery box because it is broken/damaged? Bring it in and get it fixed. We specialise in general repairs. This includes: Ring Re-sizing, Pearl Re-threading, Cleaning and polishing, etc.

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Dreamtime Diamond Rings At Nicholsons Jewellers

Dreamtime Diamond Rings

Altr Engagement Rings At Nicholsons Jewellers

Altr Engagement Rings

Loose Diamonds At Nicholsons Jewellers

Loose diamonds


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